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SMS sending report

GEM-CAR 14 and 2022 both have SMS sending features. See the links below for more information.

If you use these features, you will receive monthly SMS reports by email. They're sent on the 2nd day of the month and include information about sent messages during the previous month. You will also find attached Excel files detailing all the SMS sending.

Note on UTC

The time zone used to collect the data for the monthly statistic reports is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Consequently, SMS messages sent during the hours before or after 00:00 in your time zone can either be counted as part of the current or next month. For example, if you're located in Eastern North America and currently in EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) which is UTC–5, all messages sent between 20:00 and 00:00 will be counted next month.

Monthly statistic report

On the monthly statistic report, you will find the information below.

  • The total number of sent SMS messages.
  • A line chart detailing the number of sent SMS messages for each day.
  • The delivery rate which indicates the percentage of SMS messages that were successfully received by customers.
  • A pie chart detailing the delivery rate.

Low delivery rate

The delivery rate should normally be high and near 100%. If it's low, you should review the phone numbers in your customers' files. You can find out which messages failed on the monthly list of sent SMS messages.

Monthly list of sent SMS messages

Attached to the monthly statistic report emails, you will find the list of sent SMS messages. This Excel file contains the following data for each SMS message.