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Why are my sendings by e-mail blocked?

My e-mail sendings are blocked

The e-mail providers received numerous complaints following the emergence of solicitation and spamming in the last years. In reaction to this growing phenomenon, they had to implement mechanisms against abuses. Therefore your e-mail provider might be imposing limitations for sending and receiving e-mails.

If you send numerous account statements by e-mail at the same time, you might be exceeding the limit permitted by your e-mail provider. There exists several types of limits and they vary between e-mail providers. Therefore, we recommend that you get the information about the limits imposed by your e-mail provider and that you establish a sending strategy accordingly.

Consequently, you should

  • send e-mails by batches, days, hours or minutes apart, not to exceed the sending limit imposed by your e-mail provider; or
  • consider changing your e-mail provider if it is too limiting.

My clients are not receiving my e-mails

If customers inform you that they are not receiving your e-mails or if they are being late in their payment, your e-mails may be wrongly targeted by their e-mail provider as spam. Fortunately, they can report the mistake and receive your e-mails normally in the future. For this reason, we recommend that you follow up with your customers who are being late in their payment, especially with new customers because the e-mails you send them are more susceptible to be wrongly targeted as spam.