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By default update

The update process with the GEM-CAR installer is simple and intuitive. When accessing the Update section, the GEM-CAR Installer will scan the files on the computer and check on the Internet if there is a more recent version of the software. You will then be notified if an update is available and you can simply start it by clicking on the Update button. You can manually rescan for update, click on the Refresh button.

Update available

Turning the Advanced switch on will bring more update options. These advanced options are not to be used in normal circumstances and are intended for experienced users or GEM-CAR technicians.

Advanced update

The Advanced switch having been turned on, the GEM-CAR installer will bring more update options. You now have access to the list of all GEM-CAR components and can see if they are up to date on an individual basis. If you wish so, you may also choose to update the different components separately by selecting the desired version in the drop-down menu and clicking on the Install the update buttons at the extremities of the Server installation or Local installation lines.

Server installation option

Only use this update option on the SQL database server computer. Do not use it on other computers on the network because it could cause problems if the server is running processes while trying to update it.

The Server installation line button will update the GEM-CAR server on the network. When starting GEM-CAR on the other workstations, they will ask for an update to the server and will be updated automatically if applicable. If you want to update a workstation on an individual basis, click on the update button at the end of the Local installation line.

By default, the components that are already up to date cannot be updated another time. However, turning the Allow forced installation switch on will make all updates available even if the components have already been updated. You can then reinstall them or go back to a previous version by selecting the appropriate version in the drop-down menu. It is also possible to force the update of all the components at the same time to the latest version by clicking on the Update button on the right upper corner of the window.

Turning the Update database switch on allows you to also update the SQL database when doing updates. This option is only compatible with SQL Server 2019. The update of the SQL database will fail on previous versions.

Advanced update options

At the bottom of the window, you will find fields containing the installation paths of the GEM-CAR files for the server and the local computer. These are respectively the locations of the installation files, on the network for the server, and on the storage of the computer for the local computer. You can change them if they are not correct by clicking on the blue three-doted buttons on the right extremities of these fields. That means that these paths should be the same for the server, but different for a workstation.