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On this page, you will find all the relevant information about invoices.

Change the date of invoices

Due to laws regulating point-of-sale software, once estimates have been converted into invoices, no change or addition can be made to them. Consequently, you cannot change the date of close invoices. However, while making customer pay, you can change the date invoices if they are incorrect or if you want to postpone them. To do so, while collecting payments from customers, change the date in the Invoice date field or the Receive payment window.

The date in the Invoice date field of the Receive payment window should be the date of the day. If it is not, verify the Date & time parameters of Windows 10.

Shrink the inventory item codes on invoices

You can shrink inventory items from 6 digits to 4 digits on invoices by activating Option 18 - Display only the last 4 digits of product numbers on the invoice in the General information configuration window. This affects only invoices and they will continue to display in the 6-digit format in the software.

Use alternative delivery addresses

Follow the steps below to use alternative delivery addresses when invoicing customers.

  1. From the Point of sale, produce or retrieve an estimate.
  2. Click on the Delivery address button.
  3. If alternative delivery addresses have already been configured in the customer’s profile, select one of them using the Name dropdown menu and edit the information in the fields, if need be. Otherwise, enter the information in the fields.
  4. Check the Use on the invoice box.
  5. Click on the Exit button.
  6. When asked if you wish to use this address for the invoice, answer Yes.

Find invoices which contain a product number

To find invoices which contain a product number, you can generate the Sales by product report. You will then have a list of all invoices containing this product number. The sorting options will help you to easily find the invoices you are looking for.