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Keyboard shortcuts in the Point of sale

You can use the keyboard shortcuts below in the Point of sale.

Keyboard shortcut Function
ALT+A Add inventory items or jobs on estimates.
ALT+B Open the barcode reader.
ALT+C Open the Account receivables window.
ALT+D Delete estimates.
ALT+E Save.
ALT+G Open the default internet labor guide.
ALT+H Open the Help window.
ALT+I Open the Customer history.
ALT+L Open the default Tire supplier website.
ALt+M Open the Notes panel.
ALt+P Print Shipping orders.
ALT+Q Quit the Point of Sales.
ALT+R Open the Vehicle's reminder window.
ALT+S Open the Supplier management window.
ALT+T Open the Tire search window.
ALT+V Show the Sales Report.
ALT+W Open the Stored Tires window.
ALT+X Show the Sales history.
ALT+Z Open the GEM-CAR online store.
F1 Start new estimates.
F2 Save.
F3 Show estimates or invoices.
F4 Open the Receive payment window.
F5 Add inventory items or jobs on estimates.
F6 Delete items or jobs on estimates.
F9 Open the Calendar / Transfer work orders to GEM-CAR 2022.
F10 Start the end-of-day procedure.
F11 Show work orders.
F12 Quit the Point of sale.