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Access the Settings window

To access the GEM-CAR Installer settings, click on the Settings button at the bottom of the main menu.


In the Database section, enter or modify the login information for SQL Server. There are four fields to be populated:

  • the Server name field for the path to your SQL database on the server;
  • the Database name field for the name of the SQL database that GEM-CAR uses;
  • the User name field for the user name used to log in to SQL Express 2019; and
  • the Password field for the password used to log in to SQL Express 2019.

If you use Windows authentication to connect to SQL Express 2019, turn on the Use Windows authentication switch.

Finally, you can click on the Test connection button to verify if the connection can be established.


In the Enterprise section, enter or modify you V2V organization numbers in the Number field. GEM-CAR uses this number for several features and configurations. If you do not remember your V2V organization number, you can retrieve it by clicking on the button at the right of the field and entering the phone number of your company.

Language and Theme

In the Language and Theme sections, you can change the display language of the GEM-CAR Installer and switch between a light and a dark theme at your convenience.