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GEM-CAR 14 Installation


To install GEM-CAR 14, you will need the help of our technical support team. We will then schedule an appointment with you and send you a confirmation email. The day of the appointment, a technician will call you to remotely proceed with the installation. Because installing GEM-CAR and all its prerequisites can take up to 3 hours, please reserve enough time in your schedule. Here are the steps to follow to prepare for the installation.

Mandatory before the appointment

Update Windows 10 or 11

Before the appointment, you must update Windows 10 or 11 on all the computers on which we will install GEM-CAR. This task demands some preparation on your side and can take from a few minutes to several hours.

Have important information and files on hand

We will need the information and files listed below for the initial configuration of GEM-CAR. Have them on hand the day of the installation.

  • Your tax numbers
  • The login information for all your email accounts that you wish to integrate with GEM-CAR
  • The login information for all the suppliers’ websites that you wish to integrate with GEM-CAR
  • A logo of your company in jpg, png or bpm format

Optional before the installation appointment


We will use GEM-SUPPORT, our remote access tool, to have access to your computers during the installation. Download it on your workstations by selecting the logo below.


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