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Release note - GEM-CAR version 13.0.0

New features

  • We introduce GEM-SCAN, our new module integrated to GEM-CAR that permits you to scan VIN's and barcodes with a Windows tablet. - USER MANUAL
    • It supports all major barcode technologies, including VIN's, QR codes, Codes 39 and more.
    • It works in remote-desktop mode.
    • It is available in multiple languages.
    • It is available in light or dark themes.
    • It works with any computer or tablet with a camera running Windows 10.
    • It supports front and rear cameras.
  • We upgraded GEM-BACKUP, the GEM-CAR backup module, to version 2.
    • The speed of backups has been increased.
    • The size of the backups has been reduced.
    • The configuration has been simplified.
  • SiriusXM1,2 is now integrated with GEM-CAR and gives you 90 days of free satellite radio in Canada. - USER-MANUAL



  • It now updates automatically after the update of GEM-CAR.
  • We added a new communication protocol (Regasm) between GEM-CAR and GEM-LINK to avoid registration problems.
  • After updating, the links are now also automatically updated in GEM-CAR.


  • In the Point of sale, it is now possible to enter the mileage of vehicles.
  • If an internal note is changed in the Point of sale or the Punch clock when saving an estimate, you are now asked if you wish to override the previous note.
  • It is now possible to sign with the signature pad in the Punch clock.
  • We now block the deactivation of deletion of technicians if there are punches assigned to them.
  • We added the GEM-CAR icon to the GEMCAR.exe file.
  • We extended the value of deletion of old estimates from 30 to 365 days.
  • We added a new validation message when clicking on the discount from the payment inscription.
  • When importing from the price list, it is now possible to import all the price numbers.
  • It is now possible to have the price 2 and more as the unit price of a product without a discount (NEW OPTION).
  • It is now possible to double click on partial notes in the Calendar to see them at length.
  • We added the brand and model information on the tire labels.
  • We added the parts to the list of appointments reports.
  • We added the quantity and price to the selected inventory parts window in the Point of sale.
  • The Gulf logo was added to the application.


  • Option 94 (use backorder) has been disabled.
  • We fixed a problem when adding a kit in a kit.
  • We fixed a negative amount appearing in the payment window when changing the invoice date.
  • We fixed the internal note being erased from an estimate when clicking on the product number and clicking on the save button.
  • We fixed the tire label showing the vehicle number and the license plate.
  • We fixed a validation message when using an existing license plate on a new vehicle.
  • We fixed the double advertisement banner on some invoice reports.
  • We fixed the display of the electronic signature on some invoice reports.
  • We fixed the insurance image on some invoice reports.
  • We fixed the display of HTML code on some invoice reports.
  • We fixed the display of the date on tire storage labels.
  • We fixed the blank space when no advertisement is set.
  • We fixed the sorting of tire storage reports.
  • We fixed missing jobs on some work order reports.
  • We fixed the missing description in the list of return reports.
  • We fixed spelling, typographic and translation mistakes in the application.

  1. SiriusXM is a trademark of Sirius XM Canada Holdings Inc. 

  2. SiriusXM is a trademark of Sirius XM Holdings Inc.