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Release note - GEM-CAR version 13.0.1

New Features

  • You can now digitally sign your documents on your tablet using onscreen electronic signatures, our new on-screen electronic signature module. - USER MANUAL

    • Use your finger or a touch screen pen to sign directly on the screen.
    • It is compatible with Windows 10 tablets.
  • We introduce GEM-CAR Installer, our new software that lets you manage the installation of GEM-CAR. - USER MANUAL

    • Download GEM-CAR and all its components.
    • Install GEM-CAR and all its components.
    • Update GEM-CAR and all its components.
    • Troubleshoot GEM-CAR.
    • Switch between supported languages.
    • Chose between a light and a dark theme.
    • It is only compatible with Windows 10.
  • SiriusXM1,2 is now integrated with GEM-CAR and gives you 90 days of free satellite radio in the United States. - USER MANUAL



  • We added a new button in the company configuration screen to automatically add the V2V organization number and phone number to simplify the configuration of the SiriusXM module.
  • We added a message in the Point of sale when notes are added by technicians using the Punch clock.
  • We added the work phone number on the client list reports.


  • We improved the layout of the modern invoice reports.
  • We improved the GEM-MONEY web site to be optimal with Chromium-based browsers.


  • We added an option to automatically detect the barcode and close the application when it has been detected. - USER MANUAL


  • We added support for imports from Auto Repair Boss.


We fixed spelling, typographic and translation mistakes and the following mentioned below.


  • GEM-WORK will not be disabled anymore after the modification of an option.
  • The personalized checks are not overwritten anymore after updating GEM-CAR.
  • We fixed the problem with the price level when importing a price list.
  • We fixed the selection of the wrong price when using a price level.
  • No more special character is transferred from GEM-LINK when using Napa and Macpek.
  • The advertisement on the invoice is not hidden if no picture is configured.
  • The V2V organization number is now empty if the SiriusXM option is activated.
  • We added a validation message when printing the technicians time report. Fix a problem when you try to print the report from the punch window.
  • We improved the security of the accounting and conciliation module.
  • In punch history, the receivable invoices are now hidden or users without security rights.
  • The price fields from the invoice search are now hidden for users without security rights.
  • We changed a validation message in the price matrix window.
  • We chanted some colors in the Point of sale and the rapid inventory based on the general configuration.
  • Improve the wording for the cash drawer.
  • The cash drawer now calculates the amount of the payment mode.
  • We add automatic scrolling to the purchase orders module.
  • We fixed a problem with the Generate rebate button in the Payments inscription window.
  • We fixed some layout problems on the purchase report (0200501).
  • We added a message when the disabling button is not visible. (If the technicians have active punch).
  • We changed the picture on reports Invoice_headers_small_bo and Invoice_headers_small_dist.
  • We deleted the file modification.gif, Thumbs.db and Version.ini files from the update of GEM-CAR.
  • We fixed mistakes and the column format on the inventory value report (0500601).
  • GEM-LINK now opens on platform 2.0 by default if the platform is activated.


  • We removed the colors on the modern invoice when option 23 is disabled.
  • We fixed a problem when using the auto-configuration button in the GEM-MONEY configuration screen.


  • We fixed a problem with the automatic execution.

  1. SiriusXM is a trademark of Sirius XM Canada Holdings Inc. 

  2. SiriusXM is a trademark of Sirius XM Holdings Inc.