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Release note - GEM-CAR version 13.0.2


  • We added:

    • GEM-CHECK forms for courtesy cars and Post Canada; and
    • invoice models for euros and CFA; and
    • Monaco Group catalogue integration.
  • We Improved:

    • the AutoServe1 integration; and
    • the e-mail module.

New features and improvements


  • We changed the e-mail module. - USER MANUAL
    • It is now compatible with the .Net technology.
    • When sending an estimate, if the e-mail address of an advisor is defined in the password management settings, this address will be used instead of the default one set in the general Information settings.
  • We improved the AutoServe1 integration. - USER MANUAL
    • GEM-CAR now uses the latest API version of AutoServe1 and the latest technology.
    • Advisors' usernames and passwords for the suppliers’ websites can now be configured in GEM-CAR for individual usage in the Point of Sale.
  • We added Monaco Group catalogue integration. It can now be installed and configured with the GEM-CAR Installer. - USER MANUAL
  • We added a read-only access to the punch clock.
  • We added columns (Sale price, Total) and total on the inventory value report.
  • We improved the price breakdown to proposed and rescheduled.
  • We added an option to show the punch detail on the invoice.
  • The local database “01PVLOC.MDB” is now compressed when GEM-CAR starts up.
  • We added new invoice models in Euro and CFA.
  • We changed the loading printer message for cloud customers.
  • We changed the invoice message titles for a clearer user interface.
  • The sales reports by customers now show all customers if no customer is selected.
  • We improved the way to set a discount on partial payments in recording payments.


  • The 90-day no payment option is not available anymore for British Columbia customers.
  • We added integration of .NET technology with the financing partners.
  • It now only uses the invoice value instead of the car value on the invoice ad.


  • We added:
    • a new Canada Post inspection form; and
    • a new courtesy car inspection form.



  • We fixed:
    • the cash drawer module to show all payments;
    • the note details when adding tire storage from the punch clock;
    • the configurable message for multiple invoices;
    • the memo when a reminder is linked to a job;
    • the date format on the report for checks to suppliers;
    • the problem with the key tags reports and the Brother QL printer;
    • the problem with the Product/Job code management option “Keep price”;
    • the insurance module on invoices with signature for multiple invoices templates;
    • the title of the sales by customer reports;
    • some layout issues on the check and payments log;
    • the tax amount on the tax report;
    • a truncated field on the sales by product report;
    • a typo error in the products/jobs category management options; and
    • wrong VIN code transmissions to AutoServe1.


  • We fixed a timer problem. No backups are being missed anymore.