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Running maintenance tasks

In the Support section, you will find advanced maintenance processes intended to be used by advanced users or GEM-CAR technicians. They can be executed to fix problems or improve the stability of GEM-CAR. Each process can be run by clicking on the Play buttons at the right extremity of each line. The GEM-CAR installer will check the health status of the processes and try to determine if they are installed and well defined. If they are not, running them will install or rewrite them.

Some processes require administrator rights because they affect the configuration or the Registry of Windows. To run a program as an administrator, you need to log in to Windows with an account with administrator rights. You can then run any program as an administrator by right clicking on the icon and chose Run as administrator. For more information about the Windows administrator mode, please refer to Microsoft support website.

Support section

Tasks description

Start SQL Server at boot

This process creates or updates a task in the Windows scheduler to force the startup of SQL Server after the boot of windows. This can be useful if SQL Server does not start up when booting Windows. Indeed, because GEM-CAR relies on an SQL database, it cannot work if SQL Server is not active on a workstation.

Register GEM-CAR installation files

This process will register the GEM-CAR installation files to the Windows Registry. This can be useful if there was a problem during the installation of GEM-CAR and that DLL files did not register properly or if the registry keys have been lost after a Windows update.

Unlock downloaded files

This process unlocks downloaded files in the local vData folder. As part of its security processes, Windows sometimes locks files downloaded from the Internet to avoid virus propagation. If Windows wrongly targeted GEM-CAR update files with this security process, it will cause problems. They can then be unlocked manually by running this task.