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New CARFAX module

Coming up with GEM-CAR version 14.0.0, the CARFAX1,2 module has been completely rebuilt. The new integration now features increased data file transfer security and is ready for the future migration of the Vin decoder and vehicle history. You will find below a summary of the changes we made. For detailed information on how to configure and use the new CARFAX module, see the CARFAX user manual.

  • The new CARFAX module uses a new server. After August 1, 2021, the old server will close and all CARFAX services will stop working. Make sure to update GEM-CAR to version 14.0.0 before this date to avoid any service interruption.
  • The CARFAX ID is not required anymore for the configuration of the new module. It now uses your V2V organization number like all other GEM-CAR services.
  • The CARFAX data sharing will be enabled by default for all customers after the update.
  • When doing the first end-of-day procedure or using CARFAX services for the first time after the update, a new CARFAX agreement will pop up.
  • Accepting the new agreement will make you resubscribe to CARFAX services. This step is mandatory to use the CARFAX services again.
  • If you don't accept the agreement and don't resubscribe, the CARFAX module will disable itself.

  1. CARFAX is a trademark of CARFAX Canada ULC. 

  2. CARFAX is a trademark of CARFAX Inc.