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How to send ads by e-mail?

With GEM-CAR, you can send e-mails to a single client or to multiple clients simultaneously. Before to proceed, make sure:

We also invite you to watch this video about GEM-CRM, our software featuring an e-mail editor for better visuals and pictures. It is also ideal pour SMS campaigns.

Sending e-mails from GEM-CAR

To send e-mails from GEM-CAR, follow the steps below.

  1. From the GEM-CAR Main menu, go to Reports > Customer management.
  2. On the list of available reports, select Send email and text messages / Print labels.
  3. Check the E-mail box.
  4. Choose the criteria for selecting customers if applicable.
  5. Click on the print button to access the e-mail sending window.
  6. From the Send customer e-mails window, on the list on the left, select the clients to whom you want to send the e-mails.
  7. Enter the subject and the body of the e-mail in the appropriate fields.
  8. Add an attachment by clicking on the magnifying glass button.
  9. Click on the Send e-mail to recipients button (green circled checkmark) to send the e-mails.

More options

Criteria for the selection of customers

From the Report window, you can apply selection criteria for the clients to be included on the mailing list. To do so, fill the fields in the Criteria section.

You can sort clients by:

  • targeting clients who did business with you during a period with the Date from and Date to fields;
  • targeting clients who bought items or products or for whom you did certain jobs with the By item field;
  • targeting clients who bought items or products or for whom you did certain jobs contained in specific categories with the By category field;
  • targeting clients with whom you did business for a minimum number of visits with the By minimum of visits field; and
  • targeting clients who spent a minimum amount on purchases or for your services with the By minimum of purchases field.

Sending the e-mails individually

By default, GEM-CAR creates a mailing list on which all the selected customers will be included. If you do not want to use this option and you prefer to send distinct e-mails to each customer instead, check the Send e-mails individually box. This way, customers who receive the e-mail will not see the list of addresses to which it was sent.

However, when this option is checked, make sure to respect the limitations of your e-mail provider regarding e-mail mass sending to avoid that your e-mails are wrongly targeted as spams and that your customers do not receive them.

Furthermore, when checking this box, GEM-CAR proposes to include a personalized greeting with the name of each customer on the e-mails. It will populate the beginning of the Message field with a greeting message with [CLIENT] for the name of customers. It will then replace [CLIENT] automatically with the name of the customers when sending the e-mails.

Report mode and Sort

GEM-CAR will show a report onscreen after sending the e-mails. Within the Report mode section, you can select Invalid e-mail customers to consult the list of customers for whom the e-mail address is invalid or select Customers without e-mail to consult the list of customers for whom there is no e-mail address.

Within the Sort section, you can choose to sort customers on the report by customer number by selecting Numeric or by alphabetical order by selecting Alphabetical.